» Informative audio clips (Latvien and Russian language)

(Advertising telecommunications „OSTKOM”)

(Advertising store „Air Tour” )

(„Incredit Group” company advertising)

(Advertising store „Raita")

(Advertising Complex „Pitstop")

(„OSTKOM” company advertising)

(Advertising store „Comfort")

(Advertising autocompany „Auto Stils”)

(Advertising store „Berkonti”)

» Playful, role-playing, staged audio clips

(„Incredit Group” company advertising)

(Stages advertising „Vigantoletten”)

(Advertising of the petrol station „SIA Lade”)

(New Year advertising complex „FASTMEDIA”)

(Advertising of a vitamin „Vigantoletten”)

(Advertising of a furniture salon „Raita” )

» Image audio clips

(Advertising of the company „OSTKOM”)

(Advertising of the service complex „FASTMEDIA”)

(Advertising of a hosting studio „FASTMEDIA”)

(Advertising of a hosting studio „FASTMEDIA”)

(Advertising recording studio „FASTMEDIA”)

» Jingles, chops, liners, DJ's ID, all for radio air design